Thomas Homer-Dixon



For a general audience, I write about a broad range of public policy issues. Many of my articles—such as those on energy, climate change, and demographics—concern the relationship between society and the natural world. Others deal with the causes of violent conflict, failures of economic systems, and the impacts of technologies and increasing complexity on our lives. I also write about how we can adjust our values and worldviews and how we can innovate better to address our world’s enormous problems. I make every effort to communicate accurately and clearly the latest technical knowledge from specific fields. To access my published articles for a general audience, see General Writing »


In the 1980s and 1990s, my academic writing largely focused on the links between environmental stress (for instance, water, forest and cropland scarcity) and violent conflict in poor countries. I also wrote about argument analysis and economic innovation. Academic papers I’m working on now, and which will be posted here, deal with the causal architecture of global crises, new applications of cognitive mapping to conflict resolution, the phenomenon of dehumanization in extreme conflict, modeling of the structure of ideologies, and the use of complexity science in international relations theory. To access my published scholarly articles, see  Academic Writing »


Some of my speeches, lectures and interviews have been transcribed. For a complete list, see Transcripts »


I have written or edited six books, including three for general audiences. For more information, see Books »

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